Saturday, August 16, 2008

Assistive Technology Workshop

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The Tango is creating amazing success for kids, families, and their support
teams across the country. And now here’s the chance for you to get hands-
on experience and discover all that the new Tango 2.0 has to offer! You’ll
see how new Tango 2.0 supports both social communication and linguistic
competence with its powerful new tools for language and literacy.
You’ll learn about:

Multiple modes of communication - from Phrase First language for
speaking phrases, to Core First, for word-by-word sentence generation.

Customization and content creation - the easiest and most intuitive
ever, especially with Tango Lab.

Adapting the Tango for different communicators - beginning,
transitional, and advanced.

New Tango features, like Tangoramas - scenes that let kids really have
fun and explore language!

DATE: Wednesday September 17, 2008
TIME: 1:00pm-4:00pm
PLACE: Vermont Assistive Technology Program
Weeks Basement Conference Room
103 S. Main St. Weeks Bldg
Waterbury, VT

FOR MORE INFO: Contact Emma Cobb at 800-750-6355 or

Free Tango
900 Broadway, 8th Floor • New york, Ny 10003 • 877-BLINK-11 (877-254-6511) •

Developing Employment Opportunities for People with Autism

October 7 - 8, 2008
When: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Where: Hilton Hotel, Burlington, VT
Contact Name: Mike Chapman
Email Contact:
Contact Telephone: (802) 241-2447

Two-day workshop on techniques to promote employment for people with autism spectrum disorder. Mike Chapman is currently the statewide Director of Services for Division TEACCH Supported Employment Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mr. Chapman has worked for the Supported Employment Program since 1998. He advocates for supported employment throughout the state of North Carolina and has trained audiences both nationally and internationally. Mr. Chapman will be covering various techniques for supporting people with autism and their employers. Expect a great deal of hands-on learning.
Cost $25.00 (includes 2 deli buffet lunches and morning refreshments). Please make checks payable to the State of Vermont - Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Mail separately to Cecile Sherburn, VocRehab VT, Weeks 1A, 103 South Main St. Waterbury, VT 05671-2303. State agencies may do an interdepartmental transfer.
To Register for this event (click here)

Lodging at the Hilton: There are a limited number of rooms reserved for those who wish to stay overnight. The rate is $169.00. Please identify UVM Center on Disability and Community Inclusion when making reservations. Room reservations must be made by September 6, 2008.

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2008 Mid-Hudson Brain Injury Rehabilitation Conference

The 2008 Mid-Hudson Brain Injury Rehabilitation Conference, sponsored by Northeast Center for Special Care, will be held on Thursday October 2, 2008.

Our conference this year is titled:

Post-Acute Rehabilitation: Meeting the Challenge of Long-Term Recovery

Our 2008 conference features noted experts from the field of brain injury rehabilitation presenting sessions highlighting traditional and non-traditional treatment modalities. The conference focus is on assisting individuals with brain injury to continue their recovery over the long-term.

Use the link below to view the conference agenda, who our speakers are, and how to register:

2008 Conference Brochure

Join us in Kingston, NY on October 2, for this informative conference.

Register Today - Seating is Limited


Deborah Muise
Northeast Center for Special Care
A Specialty Rehabilitation Program for Traumatic Brain Injury